is a unique and innovative dating and social coaching service. It was founded by two friends, Holly Tse and Aileen Reyes, to guide others in discovering love in their lives.

DatingCoach operates on the belief that everyone is amazing and brilliant just the way they are. We don't try to "fix" you or make you into someone else. We guide you in allowing your own brilliance to shine through. At DatingCoach, we truly want to help you grow and expand your life.

About Holly
Holly is the co-founder of She is a successful and brilliant "dater" who brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to her dating coaching practice. Combined with her intuitive understanding, she has developed the Triple A approach to dating. Triple A consists of three key principles: Awareness, Appreciation and Acceptance.

By applying this methodology, Holly has helped others grow, expand and discover love in their lives. She has witnessed numerous people benefit from Triple A, not only in their dating lives, but also in other aspects of their lives such as health, friendships, family, and career opportunities. She is currently writing a book to share Triple A with the world.

About Aileen
Aileen was the key for starting, based upon the encouragement of friends who admired her social and dating skills. Aileen is the ultimate "icebreaker" with an amazing talent to develop an instant rapport with people and to make them feel comfortable and at ease.

There is no crowd that's too hard for for her to crack and no person who does not respond to her warmth and charm. If you want to learn how to meet people, how to flirt, how to attract others, and how to network, then there's no better coach than Aileen. can help you meet that special someone, whether you're looking for
your life partner, a fun date, or simply new friends.

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