"Aileen and Holly took me on a "Field Practice" workshop and we went clubbing. I had so much fun - I got on-the-spot practice and coaching! The practical advice that they provided gave me more confidence about venturing out on my own.

Now I am on a roll: blind dates, speed dates, online dating, I am trying them all. Thanks, my Dating Coaches!"
- Mia N., visiting from NYC -

"The life-changing strategies and expansive perspectives being taught by Holly have allowed me to attain a healthier and more stress-free lifestyle. Her wisdom and healing energies will truly benefit anyone who takes the time to integrate them into their lives.

I cannot recommend her more highly!"
- Dan Schmidt, Producer, Whatever! Solutions and Media, Peterborough -

Time and time again, Aileen's advice had a positive impact on my life! She is knowledgeable, sincere, sensitive to my needs, and supportive. Her insight helped me to make many sound decisions concerning various aspects of my life. From my relationships with others to actualizing my career aspirations, her honesty and genuine ability to help others enabled me to make the best decisions. She has the ability to see clearly, can quickly understand one's concerns, and provides effective advice.

Thank you Aileen for guiding me along the path of self-discovery, and helping me navigate through troubled waters.
- Maryrose -

"Wow, I had a great time. Never knew lunch with a stranger could be so enjoyable."
- R.G., Toronto -

"Just wanted to drop a note and say how much I enjoyed meeting you."
- Jason, Toronto -

"Aileen has an intelligently warm and friendly approach to things. She doesn't make you feel like there's something wrong with you. She genuinely want to help. She enjoys it."
- C.O. -

"Perceptive. Caring. Great listener. Understands when to speak and when to listen. Great at helping shed light to things. Terrific at helping you become aware."
- Matt R. -

"What a terrific 'date'! These guys/gals show you how to take the work out of dating."
- Frank, Mississauga -

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